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The Erasmus Mundus (EM) Symposium on Geography, Earth and Environmental Studies (GeoMundus) taking place in Castelló, Spain on October 2010 is geared to support networking opportunities for Geography, Earth and Environmental Studies students spread around Europe. The symposium will be a means to disseminate ideas amongst EM researchers and cultivate connections.

The professional and P2P networking opportunities that GeoMundus offers cannot be understated. Not only will you be in the international presence of fellow EM students, but also top-level professional in the fields of Geography, Earth and Environmental Studies.

For the second GeoMundus, the city of Castelló, Spain, has been selected as the most favorable city to receive such an event. Castelló is home of the University  Jaume I one of the three universities that form the EM Masters in Geospatial Technologies program. The university comprises of several facilities that provide an excellent environment for the event. The event has a tremendous potential to provide (the otherwise unavailable opportunities of) networking and sharing of research interests between students.

This is an opportunity to:

– Meet your Erasmus Mundus colleagues from around the world,
– Get to know each other,
– Share experiences from this unique program,
– Present your research interests or projects and learn about other’s research fields,
– Network with industry representatives, academics and fellow students,
– Improve your research, proposal and application writing skills. This will enhance your chance of receiving a PhD scholarship and employment opportunities,
– Discuss and be a part of the future of GeoMundus and planning of sustainable networking between us.

Come and be a part of this FUN event and make a sound investment in your future after Erasmus Mundus!

If you have any questions or require more information please continue to browse through the website or email us at info@geomundus.org.

We hope to see you in CASTELLÓ!

GeoMundus Organizing Committee

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